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Canadian Business interviews Mitch Fairrais about Innovation for Leaders

Mitch discusses the simple things that senior leaders can do to foster a culture of innovation.  He also discusses one of the common pitfalls for senior leaders which often undermines their ability to create a culture of innovation. 


Enhancing Performance One Conversation At A Time



Introductory Video


We are very excited about our newest offering “GreenLine Conversations“ for:  

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Coaching

Why GreenLine?

More than ever before, performance is critical.
Managing cost is priority for all business.
We need to do more with less.

Yet, on a daily basis, we encounter scenarios like the following:

  • You have a meeting with a peer where you believe you have been clear about your objectives and next steps for the project, and then discover 2 weeks later their understanding is completely different?
  • You have a high performing team member you need to retain, yet you struggle to keep them engaged and motivated?
  • You attend meetings where the conversation goes around in circles with no clear outcomes?
  • You hold an appraisal meeting with a team member where you believe you have been very clear on the gap in standard, yet nothing changes?

We have hundreds of conversations daily that can impact our business performance upwards or downwards.

Where conversations are not handled skillfully, Residue is created.

And Residue has a cost.

So, what could have been handled well in one conversation now leads to many other conversations with many other people, a blizzard of emails… and suddenly the VP is involved.

One major global financial institution calculated the cost of Residue in their organization at $43m annually.

Managers believe they are managing revenue. They spend more time managing Residue.


What is GreenLine? 


What each of the scenes above has in common is that they are all based in conversation. After all, conversation is the basic unit currency of doing business. And we have hundreds of business conversations every week. But not all conversations are equal.

GreenLine is a scientifically-based methodology to host conversations more skilfully – even when there is tension – that results in clearer, better outcomes with commitment from all sides. Without Residue.

That way individuals benefit and the business benefits. Not only does GreenLine remove the Residue (and the cost), it allows us to focus on what is mission critical to moving the business forward. Through a combination of the latest brain research (identifying what happens that causes conversations to de-rail) and extensive field-work we have crystallized the approach into:


  • 7 Green Cards
    (What to Do)
  • 7 Red Cards
    (What Not to Do!)

GreenLine Applications

  • Performance Management
  • Culture Change
  • Leadership Impact
  • Team Performance
  • Client Relationships
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Meetings
  • Coaching
  • Selling & Negotiating


Greenline Videos



GreenLine Impact Testimonial

"GreenLine has had a profound and immediate impact on the behaviour and communication with the newly formed team. The Green Line metaphor itself has instantly become part of our office vocabulary and I have shared these particular metaphors with about 20 other people in the company already."

Peter Whiskerd-Wegerzewski, First VP HR Europe, Prologis


Improving with Improv with Charlie Allenson


Who wouldn’t want to learn how to think faster, listen better, respond more clearly and creatively and work and play better with others?  Who wouldn’t want to not feel like a deer in the headlights when situations and dynamics change rapidly? All while having a great laugh while learning?  That’s what Improving with Improv accomplishes. Click on the logo for more details.



Looking to learn how to innovate?...check out Innovation In A Box™

Innovation in a Box™ is a practical methodology combined with an easy to use toolkit to help people in organizations bring Innovation to life, in practical ways.  

It equips participants with the knowledge, skills, and experience they need to generate breakthrough solutions. It not only puts tools into the hands of leaders  and change agents, but into the hands managers and frontline employees so that they can use it immediately to problem-solve day-to-day issues.  Innovation in a Box™ creates a “culture of innovation” by enabling small groups to be successful on real projects.

Innovation In A Box™ includes the i5 Process which takes the guesswork out of the innovation process by providing clear direction through the following stages:

  • Identification: Focusing on the right opportunities
  • Investigation: Identifying the root causes and contributing factors.
  • Ideation: Generating and Strengthening Breakthrough Solutions.
  • Impact: Choosing the Right Solution
  • Implementation: Mapping an Execution Strategy

For more information, click here.


Radio Interview with Mitch Fairrais - "Leading in Difficult Circumstances"

Tune in to “Goal Achievers Radio” to hear Mitch Fairrais interviewed on “Leading in Difficult Circumstances”, based on Mitch’s research with fortune 500 CEOs and Presidents.

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