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Programs:  Leadership Training


"On The Mark” training and development brings a critical focus in transitioning employees at all levels to highly successful leaders. Their interactive and personal approach to accelerate skills, in communication and definitive leadership has been both inspirational to many who have been involved in the training and invaluable to the Corporation as well. I will continue to partner and utilize their extensive training resources in the leadership development of our employee base."

Allen Kall - Former Director, Human Resources, Bell Canada & Expertech Network Installation


We offer a wide variety Leadership Training options, each of which will be customized to accommodate the needs and the level of experience of the Leaders who participate.  We are experienced working with Leaders at all levels - veteran leaders, new leaders, Presidents, CEOs and front line managers.


Leadership Laboratory is an experiential workshop focused on honing leadership skills.  It is designed to help participants identify, through experience, where they need to adapt their leadership skills for greater effectiveness.  By the end of the program, participants will have learned and, more importantly, practiced leadership skills that they will be able to apply confidently and immediately.


Feedback for Impact provides feedback tools that enable your people to both give and receive feedback  effectively.  This means the ability to create ease, while either providing feedback that has the intended impact or receiving feedback in a manner that allows the recipient greatest gain from that feedback.


Tu Casa Mi Casa teaches the skills necessary to influence, or get to solutions with others, from inside of the other party’s frame of reference.  It focuses on getting better results with, and through, others, doing so in shorter time spans, and leaving others feeling valued in the process.

What’s Possible? enables people to see they are capable of accomplishing results they think are beyond their capability, & cultivate the mindset to do so.  It's a tremendous tool to build buy-in for stretch goals & change endeavors.  What’s Possible? can also be used as a powerful catalyst to build a ‘Culture of Innovation’.


Adventures in Leadership is an in-depth, multiple-day, experiential program, focused on providing leaders the opportunity to practice leadership skills and receive feedback to help them maximize their leadership capacity.  It includes a 360o feedback tool and ongoing coaching.


Pull Conversation is the graduate level program for Tu Casa Mi Casa.  It brings the skills gained in Tu Casa Mi Casa to application using your company specific issues. It demonstrates how tackling issues by bringing tremendous emphasis to the other party's frame of reference, can resolve significant business challenges.


Pull Conversation Panels is a structured process that allows your people to interact with key internal and/or external business partners, or customers, using "Pull" tools to overcome challenges, improve business outcomes and increase ease in key relationships. 


Enterprise is an interactive simulation, which provides a practical, hands-on approach to teaching accountability. It rewards participants who deliver on their commitments.


The Five Drivers of Employee Engagement is a tool and a process for managers, enabling them to understand the key factors that enable their people to thrive.  Using our 5 Drivers tool, managers and leaders are able to facilitate conversation with their employees to identify roadblocks to performance and engagement.  In turn, they learn how to help remove these roadblocks to get the very best from their people.