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What's Possible?


"What’s Possible? changed my life!"

Frank Petrilli - President & CEO, TD Waterhouse USA


What's Possible?enables people to see that they are capable of accomplishing results they think are beyond their capability, and cultivates the mindset to do so. It is a tremendous tool to build buy-in for stretch goals and change endeavors. What’s Possible? can also be used as a powerful catalyst to building a ‘Culture of Innovation’.

What's Possible? is about motivation and getting more out of life, including better business results. Participants also learn how to achieve what seems "impossible".

The program changes the way participants approach challenges, make decisions and solve problems. They learn and practice What's Possible? principles, and bring them to life by literally applying them on the street.


Use What's Possible? to:

  • Confront and accomplish the impossible
  • Create breakthroughs
  • Get better results
  • Instill commitment
  • Overcome self-limitations
  • Achieve aggressive targets and stretch goals
  • Get more out of life

Learning Objectives

In What's Possible? participants will:

  • Learn why 'the more a goal matters, the more possible it becomes'
  • Experience the feeling of accomplishing the impossible
  • Achieve breakthroughs using idea-building
  • Innovate more effectively as a team
  • Learn On the Mark's Situation-Decision-Consequence model
  • Learn how to overcome labels that limit success



Facilitation is provided by On the Mark.
One main facilitator is required.
Large groups may require support staff.


What's Possible?© is an On the Mark product


"I've used the What’s Possible? program in the US, Europe and India to help people experience and truly internalize that they're capable of achieving seemingly impossible goals."

William Schultz - CEO, Coca-Cola Bottlers, Philippines