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"We have worked with On The Mark for many years. Not only are their sessions motivational, but they also leave a lasting impression on the organization. We have seen enhanced business performance, which I can trace directly to the teamwork developed with On The Mark."
Michael Allen
President, Morning Foods, Kellogg USA

"Employee engagement, accelerated learning, and team building efforts were all enhanced by the relationship we established with On The Mark over many years. The response we had from our key customers was excellent when On The Mark conducted key sessions at the annual customer council meetings we held. On The Mark helped open up the relationships and encouraged people working more closely together across shared interests in a more focused way, and getting to know each other better at the same time as having a little fun, in a challenging manner."
Richard P. Fitzgerald

President & CEO, Diageo Canada

"Mitch is an amazing, talented keynote speaker. I had the privilege to attend the CEO Global Network's ‘Great CEOs Speaker Series’ conference about "Creating a Culture of Innovation". Mitch captured the attention and engaged more than 300 participants. Mitch customizes his presentations according to his audience and everybody benefits from Mitch's experience and knowledge in order to identify opportunities to develop innovation and to help to change the culture. Following the conference, I decided to ask Mitch to organize a one-day team building event for my company: this was so beneficial for the employees that I can see the evidence of progress every single day when I walk the offices and shopfloor. Mitch is truly making the difference."
Emmanuel Piec
Plant Manager, Armacell Canada Inc.

"The feedback received from “On the Mark’s” team building exercise has been extremely positive. This innovative activity reinforced the importance of working together, building idea on idea to achieve the best possible outcome. There were many “aha moments” during the activity and I’m confident the key learnings will be put in practice. Great job!"
Todd Skinner
President, TransUnion

"I've used the ‘What's Possible?’ program in the US, Europe and India to help people experience and truly internalize that they're capable of achieving seemingly impossible goals."
William Schultz
CEO, Coca-Cola Bottlers, Philippines

"What’s Possible? changed my life!"
Frank Petrilli
President & CEO, TD Waterhouse USA

"We found ‘Tu Casa, Mi Casa’ to be of such immediate and significant value that we thought we would make it available to our Compliance & Ethics group around the world. I have personally found this course to be valuable to me, in my life, inside and outside the office. It's fun and useful, and I heartily recommend it."
Leonard Shen
SVP & Chief Compliance Office, American Express

""Congratulations Mitch! Your presentation scored the highest of all the external presentations (based on 1400 replies!). Also, when we asked our people at the end of the survey what three things they will use and implement upon returning to their store, your topic was the top choice. You gave our audience practical tips they can actually put into practice and were entertaining and motivating. I was very happy that yours was such a hit. So well done and thank you!"
Karen Bossin
Director, Conferences & Events, Shoppers Drug Mart

"It was a pleasure to work with the On The Mark team. They invested time and effort prior to our session to learn about our business challenges and customized their program to our unique requirements. The energy at our session was amazing and the feedback from attendees was the best I've ever seen. On The Mark delivered a "master class" in communication!"
Stephen Gaskin
Vice President,Customer Contact Centres, Scotiabank

"Thank you for your outstanding presentation. What I enjoyed most was, that in just a short time, numerous communication 'rules' were learned by experiencing them firsthand. Often, courses & training focus on teaching theory first, and at best allow practice after. Your training put people in situations that quickly drove points home. The debrief served to underline what they should do to overcome obstacles in order to ensure success. The presentation was easy to digest and very practical. I loved it! In 1.5 hours your communication training was better than a recent 2-day course our group attended."
Lucy Papa
Vice President, Canderm Pharma

"Thank you very much for another great session. Based on the feedback I have received directly, the team really enjoyed the session and as usual you guys did a great job. I was very impressed by your facilitation approach and style. There is no doubt that the session that we completed was just right for the situation we find ourselves in and I only wish we could have done it earlier. I look forward to working with On the Mark in the future as I firmly believe that the training provided, delivers meaningful results."
Rob Szekszer
Vice President, Marketing, Canadian Tire

"I attended the conference at Walt Disney World last week. Over the years I have done many team-building exercises, but I just want you to know Tu Casa Mi Casa was one of the best experiences I have had. Not only was it fun, it was very enlightening to learn things we should already know. Thank you again for such a wonderful experience."
Bev Rush
Financial Consultant, Unum Insurance

"What's Possible? went off very well. People just loved it. We will certainly work together in India in future. Thanks for all the support."
P.V.Ramana Murthy
Vice President, Coca-Cola Bottlers, India

"The experiences that ON THE MARK provides are interesting, motivational, and positively impact team dynamics. From a manager's perspective, Mitch clearly grasps the current business environment and challenges that we face, and he creates a program to address those needs. His facilitation skills really allow us to find insight and learning from the exercises that change the way we do things. My team always enjoys our sessions with ON THE MARK. "
Wayne Haddock
National Sales Manager, Neurodegenerative Disease, EMD Serono Canada (a Merck company)

"Thank you for a tremendous day and a very insightful session. I know that going forward this experience will be one that I can really leverage with my team. It has also laid the foundation for me to start implementing the changes that I need to get our centers to take the next step in its evolution. Thank you again and I look forward to working with you again."
Paula Klein
Director, Davis+Henderson

"Our ability to ask direct and sometimes difficult questions is key to developing lasting partnerships. This workshop has given our sales team the opportunity to really hear their customers and the courage to put their newfound skills into practice. I am confident this will lead to long-term wins for all."
Christina Porter
National Sales Manager, EMD Serono Canada (a Merck company)

“Mitch, Your Innovation for Leaders session for the CEO Global Network was excellent; our team continues to speak about it and one of our team members said it was the best training he had ever been a part of. I continue to use what you taught me, thank you."
Cole Dolny
President, ASL Distribution Services Limited

"On The Mark” training and development brings a critical focus in transitioning employees at all levels to highly successful leaders. Their interactive and personal approach to accelerate skills, in communication and definitive leadership has been both inspirational to many who have been involved in the training and invaluable to the Corporation as well. I will continue to partner and utilize their extensive training resources in the leadership development of our employee base."
Allen Kall

Director, Human Resources, Bell Canada & Expertech Network Installation


"Mitch's mastery of post experiential exercise debriefing is at the 'wow' level. 

Carrol Suzuki

Principal, Suzuki & Associates, The Business of Listening



"Amazing! We were very pleased with how well the content and exercises fit in with our objectives. On the Mark took our situation, rolled with it, and produced great results. They really exceeded our expectations!"

Erin Burges

"The outcome of On the Mark's training has been fantastic. When people come to me with an issue, they're coming to me with their solutions and they're sharing their experiences. People volunteer to help each other. People who didn't used to speak are now speaking to each other. There is more openness. None of this ever would have been able to take place. People are sharing what needs to be done to build good relationships. I can be brutally honest and people react positively. Sometimes you can do training and it doesn't stick – this did. Employees are coming to conclusions and solving issues on their own. People are talking and resolving."
Dina Dire
Bausch & Lomb

"I’d have to say it was one of the best sales meeting exercises I’ve ever participated in and has given me tools and confidence to take back into my territory and my everyday business."
George Anjos
Key Account Manager, EMD Serono Canada (a Merck company)

"I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for your delivery of the InsideOut Coaching methodology to our management team. Your sincere and passionate approach to teaching and coaching is inspiring and certainly resonated with the team.   I hope we'll have an opportunity to work together again in the future."
Vivian C Li
Director, Service, Scotiabank Customer Contact Centres - Toronto / Cornwall

"Mitch, We had a great time during the Terra Nova was sincerely appreciated and time well spent for our team!"
Sunil Gandhi
Vice-President, Finance, Mark Anthony Group

"Great session Mitch. I know our group was impressed and will certainly utilize these skills in our daily tasks."
Chris Sandre
Advisor, Partnerships, Canadian Tire Corporation

"Mitch, you did a great job for our meeting and I hope to have you work with us again in the future."
Kelly M. West
VP, Sales Enhancement, First Citizens Bank