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Terra Nova


We invited On the Mark to participate in our 2010 annual sales meeting. Their team building exercise, Terra Nova, was one of the highlights of the meeting. The exercise was entertaining, instructional and reinforced the fact that cross-functional teamwork is the key to the sustained success of any great organization.

Kevin Fiore, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Sunkist Growers Inc.


Terra Nova is a team building simulation that teaches the skills to achieve extraordinary results cross-functionally. It is a superb tool to help your organization achieve great clarity and alignment to maximize results while minimizing the challenges of working across teams.

Terra Nova is fun, fast paced and engaging. It mirrors real-world organizations and challenges participants to maximize results at all levels - team, departmental and organization-wide. Individuals are organized into teams representing departments, regions, or functions, and must work together to meet a common vision and achieve overarching results while also maximizing results in their own area or function. To be successful, they will need to create a culture of execution and high morale.


Please see more Terra Nova videos below. 


Use Terra Nova to:

  • Create stronger and more functional relationships within and between teams and functions to bolster results and morale
  • Teach the skills to navigate successfully through change
  • Enhance the skill sets necessary to align goals and processes between functional areas that are interdependent
  • Enhance accountability for results in every department, team or work group
  • Ensure alignment and success when introducing a new direction or product
  • Teach how to increase effectiveness of communication between departments and foster better understanding of each others’ roles
  • Create dialogue to improve quality, reduce conflict and strengthen internal and external relationships
  • Launch or rejuvenate project teams

Learning Objectives:

In Terra Nova, participants will:

  • Align organizational, team and individual goals
  • Develop strategies, tactics and tools to ensure success
  • Maximize both RESULTS and MORALE
  • Step into the ‘frame of reference’ of those they interact with, influence or depend upon
  • Negotiate to ensure stronger and mutually beneficial outcomes
  • Learn how to maximize opportunities for success within a project team
  • Identify the ‘bottlenecks’ and behaviours that hinder productivity