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Programs: Team Building


"We have worked with On The Mark for many years. Not only are their sessions motivational, but they also leave a lasting impression on the organization. We have seen enhanced business performance, which I can trace directly to the teamwork developed with On The Mark."

Michael Allen - President, Morning Foods, Kellogg USA 


Tu Casa Mi Casa teaches the skills necessary to influence, or get to solutions with others, from inside of the other party’s frame of reference.  It focuses on getting better results with, and through, others, doing so in shorter time spans, and leaving others feeling valued in the process.


What’s Possible? enables people to see they are capable of accomplishing results they think are beyond their capability, & cultivates the mindset to do so.  It's a tremendous tool to build buy-in for stretch goals & change endeavors.  What’s Possible? can also be used as a powerful catalyst to build a ‘Culture of Innovation’.


Terra Nova is a team building simulation that teaches the skills to achieve extraordinary results cross-functionally. It is a superb tool to help your organization achieve great clarity and alignment to maximize results while minimizing the challenges of working across teams.


Who wouldn’t want to learn how to think faster, listen better, respond more clearly and creatively and work and play better with others?  Who wouldn’t want to not feel like a deer in the headlights when situations and dynamics change rapidly? All while having a great laugh while learning?  That’s what Improving with Improv accomplishes.


Adventures in Teamwork is a two-day program focused on helping any team step into what is necessary to become a truly cohesive high performance team.




Change of Course is a simulation designed to explore a more useful definition of collaboration, in environments where collaboration does not come easily or competition is the norm.  This simulation allows participants to gain deeper understanding of what it means to hold accountability for not just their functional area but the endeavour as a whole.

The Big Picture is a team activity that is designed to reward participants for working together as a “team of teams”.  Although it starts out with teams working independently, it rapidly becomes evident that the success of each individual team (measured by the final product) is dependent on how well the entire group collaborates.  The final product is a 12’ x 12’ “billboard” which they’ve all created and contributed to. 


Enterprise is an interactive simulation, which provides a practical, hands-on approach to teaching teamwork and accountability in the context of teams that must to work together and find tremendous synergy, in order to deliver on their commitments.



"I decided to ask Mitch to organize a one-day team building event for my Company: this was so beneficial for the employees that I can see the evidences of progress every single day when I walk the offices and shopfloor. Mitch is truly making the difference. "

Emmanuel Piec - Plant Manager and Corporate Director, Armacell Canada Inc


"Mitch has an incredible gift of developing and executing team building exercises that are authentic, easily transferrable and comfortable for working professionals at all levels within organizations."

Frank Stramaglia, Director, Astellas Pharma Canada