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Programs: Sales Training


"I’d have to say it was one of the best sales meeting exercises I’ve ever participated in and has given me tools and confidence to take back into my territory and my everyday business."

George Anjos - Key Account Manager, EMD Serono Canada (a Merck company)


We offer Sales Training programs to address a wide variety of sales needs including some of those most fundamental to the success of sales people at all levels of sales experience.  Using our Learn Practice Apply methodology, we address the realms of influence, mindset and skill enhancement.  We understand how to increase the capacity of those who are career long veterans and those who are brand new to the sales profession.


Tu Casa Mi Casa teaches the skills necessary to influence, or get to solutions with others, from inside of the other party’s frame of reference.  It focuses on getting better results with, and through, others, doing so in shorter time spans, and leaving others feeling valued in the process.


What’s Possible? enables people to see they are capable of accomplishing results they think are beyond their capability, & cultivate the mindset to do so.  It's a tremendous tool to build buy-in for stretch goals & change endeavors.  What’s Possible? can also be used as a powerful catalyst to build a ‘Culture of Innovation’.


Pull Conversation is the graduate level program for Tu Casa Mi Casa.  It brings the skills gained in Tu Casa Mi Casa to application using your company specific issues. It demonstrates how tackling issues by bringing tremendous emphasis to the other party's frame of reference, can resolve significant business challenges.


Pull Conversation Panels with Customers is a structured process allowing your people to interact with key interna/external business partners, or customers, using "Pull" tools to overcome challenges, improve business outcomes & increase ease in key relationships.