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Re-Org Residue

This program is designed to help deal with unwanted residue that comes from any reorganization.  We know there is ‘stuff’ to deal with in the wake of any reorganization before everyone can really get down to business and be productive.  We will work with Senior Management to customize this program to help individuals remove any barriers that they may be experiencing that impact their ability to commit to the organization and move forward.  

Our ‘Reorg Residue’ program provides an opportunity/forum for participants to:

• Get it off their chest
• Crystallize their fears, concerns and hopes
• Get Senior Management in touch with their people’s experience
• Dispel the myths
• Explore how much commitment is possible
• Have a little fun in the process

Potential components or our ‘Reorg Residue’ program include:

• Acknowledge the ‘yuck’
• Hear their desires
• Fears & hopes exercise
• Employee/Senior Management Q&A (Senior Management willing to speak 'the real goods')
• Barriers to feeling powerful
• Elder Exercise
• Action planning
• Create commitment options – victim or powerful adult