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Pull Conversation Panels


Note:  The Pull Conversation program is a pre-requisite to Pull Conversation Panels

Pull Conversation Panels is structured process allows your people to interact with key internal and/or external business partners, or customers, using Pull Conversation tools to overcome challenges, improve business outcomes and increase ease in key relationships.  It is often used to find ‘a better way forward’ that works for both parties while significantly increasing two-way understanding. This process has proven successful, both with key business partners and with external customers.  This can be a full-day or half-day process, however, only 1 hour of time is required from the business partner or customer.

The 3-prong objective for Pull Conversation Panels is to:

  • Prepare your people to use ‘Pull’ with confidence and skill
  • Find uncommon solutions in dealing with specific business partners or customers
  • Have both parties understand the “way forward” to becoming true and productive partners

Pull Conversation Panels provides a unique opportunity to make great leaps in the caliber and effectiveness of key relationships with business partners and customers.