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Corporate Training Overview 


On the Mark's Corporate Training Experiences offer powerful solutions to real life business challenges and opportunities.  Our Corporate Training is based largely on Experiential Learning, because we believe people learn best from their own experience.  Our Learn Practice Apply methodology allows your people to gain skills, in as little as a few hours.  Skills they can practice and apply during the course of the training, leaving them better prepared and more likely to use their new skills immediately in their work environment.  We will work with you to select or design the program that helps build the skills you desire for your people, alters the behaviour you’d like to change, or addresses the issues you need resolved.

What is an On the Mark Learning Experience?

Quite simply, you will always learn by doing with an On the Mark Learning Experience.  We create safe environments that simulate real-world opportunities and challenges.  Participants are encouraged to act as they normally would and are given opportunities to step back from the situation, examine their actions, and figure out what "works" for them.

On the Mark changes how people work with Learning Experiences that:

Create powerful analogies for real-world challenges:

  • Build a common experience
  • Teach practical skills
  • Provide opportunities for practice
  • Engage participants emotionally
  • Challenge participants intellectually
  • Develop a living language for organizational use


In all On the Mark Learning Experiences, you will:

  • Learn Practice Apply to ensure that the motivation, lessons and skills stick.
  • Learn - It's not a game.  Through ongoing debriefing, participants dissect what is happening and identify where they need to improve their performance.
  • Practice - You get more than theory.  Lasting behavior change requires practice. On the Mark's Learning Experiences aren't "gotcha's" - they provide opportunities to learn and practice new skills.
  • Apply - On the Mark's Experiential Learning Programs are about impact.  Experiential learning is fun, but we make it clear that the experience is about impacting real-world productivity.


On the Mark creates Living Language.

We strategically introduce language in our Learning Experiences so it becomes a common language among the participants and "lives" with them back at work.  Living Language continues to bring life to the program learning within your organization.  When used effectively, learning retention is increased, communication becomes more effective and understanding is dramatically improved.


Living Language created from some of the On the Mark programs:


What's Possible?:  A mindset that enables breakthroughs
 Consequence-Based Thinking: A focused way to approach decisions that yields unprecedented results
Unlearning: Abandon the thinking that does not serve the outcomes you want
Situation-Decision-Consequence: The model that is the basis for What's Possible? thinking


Get into their House:  The ability to get into someone else's frame of reference,  or to see something from someone else's perspective.
Tapping in: Becoming individually proactive in moving any endeavor toward success.
Common Language: Language that facilitates true ease and understanding for the communicators.
Providing the Big Picture: Providing context and understanding from the broadest perspective.


Sponsorship:  An environment where participants are invested in developing high performance outcomes for stakeholders.
The Fourth Boat: Sometimes long-term results require short-term sacrifices. Sometimes you have to choose to be "the fourth boat" to create "sponsorship".
"Change the Course!": We can feel victimized by change, or we can be proactive and use it to our advantage.