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Programs:  Leadership Retreats



On the Mark is experienced in helping Executive Leadership Teams increase their effectiveness and gain the requisite perspective and momentum, to maximize results and gain greater personal satisfaction.  We seek to help Executive Teams better leverage their abilities, as a team, to find powerful solutions to real life business challenges and opportunities.  We will work with you to design and facilitate an Executive Leadership Retreat that addresses the specific issues and needs of your Leadership Team.  

We conduct pre-retreat interviews with all Executive team members, to better enable us to understand and impact all pertinent perspectives on the critical issues.  During the Retreat we will engage your leaders emotionally and challenge them intellectually while addressing the issues that enable their ability to work together to run your business with high levels of success. These retreats can be single or multiple-day in duration.

Some of the foci of previous Executive Retreats where we utilized our specific expertise:

  • Reestablishing the focus and relationships which enable Leadership Team members to act and feel like a real team
  • Helping Leadership Teams move from accountability for their individual functional areas or areas of expertise, to achieving greater accountability for the organization as a whole
  • Enhancing ability, comfort and motivation to provide constructive feedback to each other, without hesitation
  • Understanding each other’s unique needs and preferences for working with one another, at much deeper levels than may currently exist
  • Creating internal Leadership Team ‘Operating Principles’ with high levels of commitment 
  • Creating a ‘Brand’ and a ‘Brand Plan’ for the Leadership Team to manage their impact and how they are perceived by the rest of the organization