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Leadership Laboratory


What is Leadership Laboratory?

Leadership Laboratory is an experiential workshop focused on honing leadership skills.  It is designed to help participants identify where they need to adapt their leadership skills for greater effectiveness.  By the end of the program, participants will have learned and, more importantly, practiced leadership skills that they will be able to apply immediately.

What “Happens” in Leadership Laboratory:

Participants will engage in a series of experiential exercises, which are designed to allow participants to rotate through leadership roles.  At the end of each exercise, those in a designated leadership role will engage in a 3-part coaching and feedback process.  All participants will have the opportunity to lead an exercise and then receive feedback.

Participants will first reflect on their own effectiveness and impact in the leadership role. They will then receive feedback and coaching from those they lead in the exercise.  Finally they will receive feedback and coaching from the course instructor.  The feedback they receive will always be in the context of their effectiveness and impact in regard to two key factors;

  • The success and productivity of their team
  • The engagement and satisfaction of their team members

The feedback process we use will leave participants feeling inspired and enthusiastic about implementing both newfound and evolved leadership skills.  It will also provide them with feedback tools to bolster their capacity to both provide and receive feedback effectively.

Leadership Laboratory can be used to:

  • Dramatically impact your people’s leadership skills in a condensed time frame
  • Emphasize the key leadership principles you would like participants to execute in their roles
  • Address recognized development opportunities in regard to individuals’ leadership capabilities 
  • Teach effective feedback skills in the context of both giving and receiving feedback


Ideal section size for Leadership Laboratory is six to eighteen participants. 
It is a full day program.