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The training program Innovation in a Box™ equips participants with the knowledge, skills, and experience they need to generate breakthrough solutions. As a “grassroots” program, Innovation in a Box puts tools into the hands of managers and frontline employees that they can use immediately to problem-solve day-to-day issues. Innovation in a Box™ creates a “culture of innovation” by enabling small groups to be successful on real projects. 

Innovation is more than brainstorming and ideation. There are a number of essential steps to creative problem-solving, and Innovation in a Box™ provides an opportunity to experience all of them through our "i5 Process".

The i5 Process takes the guesswork out of the innovation process by providing clear direction through the following stages:

  • Identification: Focusing on the right opportunities
  • Investigation: Identifying the root causes and contributing factors.
  • Ideation: Generating and Strengthening Breakthrough Solutions.
  • Impact: Choosing the Right Solution
  • Implementation: Mapping an Execution Strategy

The design objective for Innovation in a Box™ was to ensure that participants leave the program capable and committed to leading their own innovation work sessions. They acquire the necessary knowledge and skill, and leave the experience with a toolkit they know how to use.

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Innovation in a Box™ Success Stories - Read how Innovation in a Box™ is used across different industries, in various applications and with varying audiences.


INDUSTRY:  Natural Gas Distribution  

GROUP/TEAM:  Project Teams, Implementation

Project teams for a natural gas supplier are mandated to develop and implement innovation initiatives ranging from “greening the fleet” to addressing the environmental and cost issues of “off-gassing”.

After using Investigation, Ideation and Impact tools, they used the C6 Pulse Check to check their progress on an ongoing basis.

The off-gassing initiative alone saves the company over $100,000 a year.


INDUSTRY:   Municipality           

GROUP/TEAM:  Conference Setting: 300 People, 1 day

The 300 participants came up with 500 qualified ideas as a result of the one day innovation training/ideation session.

Innovation tools learned at the conference have also been integrated into business processes.  They are the City’s business planning and budget process, a housing strategy, a transit strategy, team building, the City’s Official Plan process and the Recreation & Parks Master Plan. The City’s Extended Leadership Team is using innovation tools and facilitated discussion to identify barriers to innovation and to develop strategies to overcome them.

INDUSTRY:  Nursing Association          

GROUP/TEAM: Strategic Visioning, Board, 1 day

The Executive Board of a nursing association which was focusing on strategic thinking and creating a 3-year strategic plan used Innovation in a Box™ to understand the environment they were working in, to choose between conflicting priorities, then decide and plan next steps. The session revealed that they really needed to better understand the needs of their key stakeholder group.

The plan they created resulted in the group moving forward with an online survey of their 5000 members which helped them clarify their next steps.

INDUSTRY:  Training/Consulting               


A sales team interested in identifying and targeting $1M accounts uses Innovation in a Box™ tools to do a deep-dive on their top three accounts.  In the process they discover that on the surface these three clients have almost nothing in common: they are in different industries, in different regions and are of varying sizes.  The process reveals that their actual clients are all senior leaders with common personal traits, significant experience and authority. 

As a consequence, the sales team shifts their focus to identifying and qualifying individuals rather than organizations - which impacts their sales and marketing efforts. 

INDUSTRY:  Telecom        

GROUP/TEAM:  Product Development

A product development team working on a PVR (personal video recorder) identifies that their design-efforts to date are producing a commodity-product in an already crowded market.  They use one of the tools within the Innovation in a Box™ program - Value Chain Analysis and jump-start a re-design.

INDUSTRY:  Insurance    

GROUP/TEAM:  I.T., User Interface Design

An I.T. group working on a user interface uses several tools from Innovation in a Box™.  They use Value-Chain Analysis to break down the steps customers take in interacting with their website, Kano Analysis to rate the impact of each step, Stimulus Response and Rapid-Prototyping to experiment with new ideas.