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Improving with Improv: 

How to think on your feet

and look good doing it.


"Improving with Improv in a nutshell?  Great results and a great time!  At the LACC, we host numerous business seminars and events throughout the year; this workshop stood out as unique and the most memorable.  The exercises provided some true “aha moments” for all of us – it was tremendously valuable getting a toolbox of techniques which help us communicate better, professionally and privately.  I’ve been tapping into the new found understanding I gained at the workshop to be focused, precise and at the same time think outside the box."

Tatjana Schaefer, Executive Director at Luxembourg American Chamber of Commerce 


Who wouldn’t want to learn how to think faster, listen better, respond more clearly and creatively, as well as work and play better with others?  No one wants to feel like a deer in the headlights when situations and dynamics change rapidly? Best of all, participants will learn while having a great laugh? 

Improving with Improv has nothing to do with turning anyone into a comedian, or you having to be funny. It has everything to do with helping to turn you into better thinkers, communicators, team members and leaders, using improvisational comedy techniques and exercises.   The course is comprised of numerous short, engaging improv exercises; each followed by a short but powerful debrief.

Participants receive new tools to help:

  • Turn negatives into positives
  • Communicate much more clearly
  • Find common ground with people they have to work with
  • React appropriately to the unexpected
  • Find new ways to get on the same page with people they've never worked with before
  • Find new ways to find solutions with new ways of thinking
  • Learn how to actively listen, not just with their ears, but listen with their eyes 

Improving with Improv is a half-day program that is ideal for groups of up to 25 participants.



Charlie Allenson is the creator of Improving with Improv.  He studied improv comedy with Amy Poehler, worked with Robin Williams and performed improv at the renowned Upright Citizens Brigade (alumni include cast members of Saturday Night Live and the Daily Show).  While training and performing there, he saw a strong connection between the techniques of improv comedy and how they can help people listen and react better, be more productive and more creative in solving problems in the business world.