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GreenLine - enhancing performance, one coaching conversation at a time


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Why GreenLine?

More than ever before, performance is critical.
In many cases, we need to help our people do more with less.


Yet, on a daily basis, we encounter scenarios like the following:

  • You have a meeting with a direct report where you believe you have been clear about your objectives and next steps for the project, and then discover 2 weeks later their understanding is completely different
  • You have a high performing team member you need to retain, yet you struggle to keep them engaged and motivated
  • You attend meetings with team members where the conversation goes around in circles with no clear outcomes
  • You conduct a performance appraisal with a team member, where you believe you have been very clear on the gap in standard, yet nothing changes

We have numerous coaching opportunities weekly that can impact our peoples' business performance upwards or downwards.  

When coaching conversations are not handled skillfully, residue is created, so what could have been handled well in one conversation now leads to many other conversations.

Leaders and Managers believe they are managing revenue. Many spend more time managing residue.


What is GreenLine?

What each of the scenes above have in common is that they are all based in conversation. After all, skillful, high impact conversation is the cornerstone of coaching.  We have many opportunities for coaching conversations every week, but we do not always take them and handle them skillfully.

GreenLine is a scientifically-based methodology to conduct coaching conversations more skillfully – even when there is tension – that results in clearer, better outcomes with commitment from all sides. Without residue.

Individuals benefit and the business benefits. Not only does GreenLine avoid the residue (and the cost of residue), it allows us to focus on what is 'mission critical' to moving the business forward. 

Through a combination of the latest brain research (identifying what happens that causes conversations to de-rail) and extensive field-work we have crystallized the approach into simple tools:


  • 7 Green Cards
    (What to Do)
  • 7 Red Cards
    (What Not to Do!)


GreenLine Coaching Applications

  • Formal Performance Management Conversations
  • Impromtu Coaching Conversations
  • Team Performance Conversations
  • Conflict Resolution


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GreenLine Impact Testimonial

"GreenLine has had a profound and immediate impact on the behaviour and communication with the newly formed team. The GreenLine metaphor itself has instantly become part of our office vocabulary."

Peter Whiskerd-Wegerzewski, First VP HR Europe, Prologis