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Feedback for Impact


Feedback for Impact explores the challenges and opportunities inherent in providing and receiving feedback. It teaches the skills to do both with maximum impact and with grace.

What is Feedback for Impact?
In this program we provide a number of feedback and communication tools, to enable your people to both provide, and receive, feedback with grace and high impact.  This means the ability to create ease, while either providing feedback that has the intended impact, or receiving feedback in a manner that allows the recipient greatest gain from that feedback.

What “Happens” in Feedback for Impact:
This program introduces and teaches a series of feedback principles and techniques.   It also includes the opportunity to practice, using experiential exercises and/or real business situations.  Participants will spend considerable time providing and receiving feedback over the course of the program, to improve their effectiveness.

Feedback for Impact can be used to:

  • Instill feedback skills that get the desired results
  • Recalibrate the way participants think about feedback
  • Emphasize the importance of feedback in your company
  • Increase the effectiveness of employee performance conversations
  • Increase the effectiveness of career development conversations
  • Enhance everyday feedback opportunities

Feedback for Impact can be delivered for a small group of six to several hundred participants.  We can deliver a half-day to full day program.