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Programs: Coaching Skills


"I had the pleasure of bringing Mitch in to work with our sales leaders to help take what felt like a stale topic (coaching) and share insights that sounded new and relevant.  Mitch's calm yet passionate demeanor had a very positive effect on our sales leaders and the feedback after the session was excellent, specifically relating to the activities that Mitch led and his motivating discussions. 

I would highly recommend Mitch for any team that needs to hear a message that may be one they have heard many times before, or may just be difficult to hear.  He was very effective in his approach to preparing for the session and the delivery itself.

An excellent partner!"

Kelly M. West - VP, Sales Enhancement, First Citizens Bank


We have a number of different programs for groups and teams, which concentrate on improving their skills as coaches and leaders.


Feedback for Impact provides feedback tools that enable your people to both give and receive feedback effectively.  This means the ability to create ease, while either providing feedback that has the intended impact or receiving feedback in a manner that allows the recipient greatest gain from that feedback.


Tu Casa Mi Casa teaches the skills necessary to influence, or get to solutions with others, from inside of the other party’s frame of reference.  It focuses on getting better results with, and through, others, doing so in shorter time spans, and leaving others feeling valued in the process.


Pull Conversation is the graduate level program for Tu Casa Mi Casa.  It brings the skills gained in Tu Casa Mi Casa to application using your company specific issues. It demonstrates how tackling issues by bringing tremendous emphasis to the other party's frame of reference, can resolve significant business challenges.


Pull Conversation Panels is a structured process that allows your people to interact with key internal and/or external business partners, or customers, using "Pull" tools to overcome challenges, improve business outcomes and increase ease in key relationships. 


The Five Drivers of Employee Engagement is a tool and a process for managers, enabling them to understand the key factors that enable their people to thrive.  Using our 5 Drivers tool, managers and leaders are able to facilitate conversation with their employees to identify roadblocks to performance and engagement.  In turn, they learn how to help remove these roadblocks to get the very best from their people.




Greenline Conversations is our performance-based Coaching and Communication program. GreenLine is a scientifically-based methodology. It takes into consideration how the brain works so People Leaders and Managers can be more skillful and effective in coaching scenarios even when there are circumstances of high complexity and stress. It provides the tools to enable those, who need to achieve results ‘with & through others’, to achieve greater clarity, better outcomes and commitment from those they coach or lead.