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Change of Course

Welcome to the world of yacht racing where your goal is to make as much money as possible over the course of your race season.

Change of Course is an interactive experience that focuses on holding individuals and teams accountable for achieving high performance. It teaches people how to maximize results in a way that allows them and others around them to feel great about how they achieved those results. Participants learn how to act decisively, communicate effectively and change course mid-stream while continuing to be accountable for results.

Use Change of Course to:

  • Maximize potential within and among teams
  • Optimize productivity in an environment of change
  • Build effective relationships and maximize performance
  • Teach people how to adapt to changing circumstances and find creative ways to generate desired results
  • Create individual accountability while collaborating for results

Learning Objectives

In Change of Course, participants learn:

  • Why "winning" is not enough.
  • How to maximize opportunity.
  • How to be accountable for maximizing their own results.
  • How they're accountable for maximizing colleagues' results.
  • About the risks of coming in "first place" or "last place" every time.
  • How to best deal with an unexpected change of course.
  • How to influence a change of course.
  • How to enable high performance team behavior.