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The Big Picture


In most organizations, departments integrating well are the key to effective execution. The Big Picture enables participants to gain, first hand, the necessary insight to integrate and execute flawlessly.

What is The Big Picture?

The Big Picture is a team activity that is designed to reward participants “naturally” for working together as a “team of teams”. 


To have participants gain skills in breaking down organizational ‘silos’ to execute well as teams.

What “Happens” in The Big Picture:

The activity is both a small group exercise, with each team working together to coordinate their activities (and achieve their goal) and a large group activity, as each team literally and figuratively aligns their goals and products with those of the other teams.

The Big Picture can be used to:

• Teach the basics of effective execution
• Work well cross-functionally as a “team of teams”
• Deal with colleagues using common frames of reference
• Check for understanding
• Create strategy
• Align resources
• Coordinate goals and activities
• Communicate the big picture
• Present your customer with a seamless message/product


 60 – 90 Minutes
 20 – 2000 Participants