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Adventures in Teamwork

Applying Principles of High-Performance Teamwork


Adventures in Teamwork will help build the capacity to function at a high performing level by providing skills to strengthen relationships, improve communication, resolve conflict, identify roles and responsibilities, and establish a common focus and direction.
We blend our skilful analysis of the team's strengths, weaknesses and needs, with our state-of-the-art Learning Experiences to help maximize your teams' effectiveness.


Adventures in Teamwork expedites the formation of a new team or it can provide existing teams with the feedback, knowledge and actions necessary to enhance their performance.

Three to four of the following areas are explored in a typical, two-day Adventures in Teamwork Program:

  • Setting goals and measuring results
  • Creating a team charter
  • Using principles, guidelines, and boundaries
  • Identifying team member roles and responsibilities
  • Building teams cross-departmentally
  • Communicating effectively within teams
  • Team problem solving
  • Making group decisions
  • Holding effective team meetings
  • Building customer relationships
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Facilitating groups
  • Planning for action and creating accountability
  • Building a collaborative team environment
  • Managing team conflict

Learning Objectives:

In Adventures in Teamwork, participants will:

  • Learn and apply leadership and team principles used in the development of successful high-performance teams and organizations
  • Gain insight and feedback into the "cause and effect" relationship between the actions they choose, and the results they create
  • Explore issues that undermine or inhibit high-performance teamwork
  • Develop executable, personal and team improvement plans that will guide them in the application of the new leadership and team skills and behaviors they have learned