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The 5 Drivers of Employee Engagement


How to Juice Your Employees

John Kotter has discovered what enables employees to embrace change. Daniel Goleman has discovered the most important task of an effective leader. Each one of these discoveries points to one compelling conclusion - "emotions" matter more to employees than anything else at work. Employees do what they do to get certain emotional needs met. And there are fundamental needs that are more important than anything else to employees. The person who creates these emotions inside employees is your front line manager. Managers are the link to producing these emotions - or destroying them, through conversation. Employees perform better when their core emotional needs are met. Which feelings produce the greatest bottom-line results? Find out in The Five Drivers of Employee Engagement™.

Benefit to You

The Five Drivers of Employee Engagement is a customized blend of root cause analysis, training, coaching and facilitation designed to help your managers:

  • Spot talent and hire star performers
  • Set and agree upon goals so employees are clear about their roles
  • Define crystal clear expectations on outcomes
  • Hold employees accountable
  • Unveil the factors that energize each of your employees

When To Use The Five Drivers of Engagement

The Five Drivers of Employee Engagement is the right program if your managers need to:

  • Address difficult issues without getting sidetracked
  • Develop a team of people who resolve problems and anticipate each other's needs
  • See what's possible where others often see only what's wrong
  • Accelerate the reaction between customer needs and an employee's ability to meet them
  • Transform frustration into innovation
  • Catalyze talent into performance that matters
  • Spot talent and transform it into high performance
  • Create a team of employees who care

Managers Will:

  • Learn how to release the Five Drivers that energize and engage employees
  • Explore the Five Core Activities managers need to excel at to produce engagement
  • Learn how to create an environment where it's easier to get results and it feels good to work
  • Learn and practice using the Pull Conversational Operating System
  • Identify and practice the 10 Conversations of Successful Managers
  • Discover and implement the quickest way to results